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Ready, steady, grow!

Rapid response times are not coincidence – they are strategy.

The production facilities at Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co. KG consist of 40 injection moulding machines equipped with separators and discharge units working in three shifts. Each individual machine is fed its thermoplastics from a central material supply battery containing a variety of those materials, either directly or from the dryer.

All the steps in our production processes are perfectly matched to each other. This is one key factor in the way we provide our customers with the highest quality standards.

Material supply and preparation

Experienced buyers ensure the materials you require are always available on-site.

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Machinery & production processes

Thanks to our well-equipped machine park, we are able to fine tune every production process to meet your requirements exactly.

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Surface finishing

Perfection: high-grade surface finishing gives your product the quality you want.

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Assembly and joining techniques

The right connection: for a long service life

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Small & large runs

Whether it is a one-off part or a mass-production: our quality is consistently high.

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