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Camera mounts and adhesive mounts for sensor technology

Camera mounts and adhesive mounts are the bases on which crucial sensors that monitor the vehicle's environment are mounted as high as possible, close to the centre line of the vehicle and in a protected place. These sensors control the innovative driver assist systems that simplify driving for us today and make a decisive contribution to improved safety on the roads. These are precisely the requirements met by our camera mounts and adhesive mounts, because they accommodate the sensors for rain and light, for the steering assist and lane keeping systems and for the vast majority of other systems that provide assistance to the driver.

Individual and space-saving for clear views

Our camera mounts and adhesive mounts are designed in such a way that they will accept the greatest possible number of sensors. And we always keep your specifications at the centre of our activities. In this way, we can develop individual solutions for all your projects and models. Camera mounts are attached in the middle of the windscreen, at the top behind the mirror base, using a permanently stable adhesive. To make sure that both the driver and the sensors have an unobstructed view of what is ahead, we place great store by space-saving solutions.

With a light step towards the future

A further crucial point of focus in developing our camera mounts and adhesive mounts is their weight. With a close eye on the tasks that we are bound to be faced with in the future, such as the requirements of electromobility, we are focussing resopurces on especially lightweight products. This is a key factor in making the most of a battery charge in innovative electric vehicles. We are proud to be able to say that we have the best preconditions to meet these challenges. With many years of experience in plastic injection moulding, in particular in the manufacture of extremely fine yet supremely rigid structures, we are at the forefront of future developments in this field. We will be pleased to provide you with details of our camera mounts and adhesive mounts to assist you in driving your next project to market.

Technical specifications

PA6 GF  
Length: 194 mm
Width: 144 mm
Height: 27 mm
Adhesive mount 70 g
Surface finish  
Line polished