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Photovoltaic system, Phase 1

In the first phase of our photovoltaic system project, the majority of the roof of our company buildings was fitted with solar panels. Our entire production facility is thus powered by electricity from renewable sources.

In total, about 90,000 kWh is returned to the public grid through our system. The equipment will have paid for itself within seven years.

Watt a success story – right from the start!

Since its commissioning, the plant has contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
A total of 1,004 panels have been installed, the construction time was only eight weeks.

Daily yield

147.47 kWh

Monthly yield

1,901.47 kWh

Annual yield

4,960.32 kWh

CO2 savings per year:

284 t

Taking the right path

Following the Green Path – we are making a contribution and will continue down this path.