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Products for your competitive advantage

From engine compartment to boot and beyond.

We offer our customers a broad range of innovative products that are in use throughout the vehicle. High-grade solutions from engine compartment to boot, from A for arm rest to Z for zero-emission vehicle.

Injection moulded plastic parts for vehicle interiors & exteriors

Mirror triangle with tweeter mount

This multi-part unit weighs only 95 g without the speaker. The reason lies in the construction.

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Pillar trim (A/B/C/D)

These comply with all the demands on technology and safety and make a contribution to the design of the vehicle interior.

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Top tether and ISOFIX covers

Individual design to match each vehicle model, trim level and location of the systems.

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Mobile phone docks

smart phones are now an established part of in-car life. The number of different variants in mounts and connections is amazing.

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Mobile phone docks – communication within reach

Our mobile phone docks are a perfect match for the technical requirements and appearance of the vehicle.

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Further products in this category

  • Rail covers
  • Head-restraint guides
  • Belt outlet covers
  • Air inlet and outlet covers
  • Hinge brackets
  • Impact absorbers
  • Rain sensor and camera covers
  • Stowage trays

Technical components and engine compartment parts

Honeycomb inserts

The residual dirt analysis is verified by test in our in-house cleanroom laboratory.

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Water filler necks

Individually configured additional outputs, e.g. for venting.

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Brackets for ECUs

For attaching ECUs safely, firmly and in a space-saving manner in the vehicle.

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Camera mounts and adhesive mounts

Our camera mounts and adhesive mounts are designed in such a way that they will accept the greatest possible number of sensors.

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Instrument panel fascia add-on parts (footwell trim panel)

We develop and manufacture your covers and trim individually to your specifications to match the vehicle model and trim.

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Air ducts and air manifolds

Air ducts and manifolds are essential to ensure smoothly functioning climate contol. Our products enable uniform temperature control.

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Impact absorbers

The honeycomb and ribbed structures enable the impact absorbers to absorb kinetic energy and, as a result, decelerate extremely fast motion.

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Filigrane Gummiematten. 

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Further products in this category

  • Motor covers
  • Oil wipers
  • Cable guides
  • Heating flanges
  • Plenum chambers and manifolds
  • Camera mounts

Components & systems

Seat squabs

Do your seats need numerous adjustment options? You can benefit from our experience when it comes to complex demands on for seat squabs.

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Rear-seat pass-throughs with ski bag module

Multifunctional and designed to be crash-safe: skis are simply passed through the hatch ready for transport.

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Steering column shrouds

Conceal spaces flexibly. First information before the official market launch of the system in the first quarter of 2013.

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Less weight, more design. The centerfill impresses with its filigree plastic surface.

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Further products in this category

  • Arm rests
  • Air scarf
  • Active head restraints
  • Seatback unlocking


Electric vehicles

Dr Haubitz has developed several components for sports car manufacturers.

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