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Our locations in Solingen

Two locations in Solingen that simplify communication and ensure quicker response.

Our business was founded in Solingen in 1956 and repeatedly expanded. The enterprise now has one manufacturing plant and a warehouse. The shorter distances make it easier for us to reach you more personally and faster.  

Solingen (2 x)

Locations in Solingen:

In Solingen we are located on Scheffelstrasse and at our newer premises on Monhofer Feld.


Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co. KG
Scheffelstrasse 26
42699 Solingen, Germany

Phone: +49 212 26222-0
Fax: +49 212 26222-22

Email: info[at]haubitz.de

  • Development, design engineering, production and sales all under one roof
  • 40 plastic injection moulding machines with locking pressures of 30 to 1600 tonnes
  • 200 employees
  • Total floor area: 14,000 m²
  • Production of 6700 different injection moulded parts in 140 colour shades, colour-matched in house

Monhofer Feld:

  • Assembly, shipping
  • 1300 m² assembly and storage space
  • 300 m² offices and social or recreational space
  • 20 Employee