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Centrefill – when fine processing of plastics results in benefits in terms of weight and design

Due to the central position in the interior of the car alone, the demands on the design of the instrument panel cover, the centrefill, are particularly high. After all, the eye is inevitably attracted to that component during every single journey.

However, the use of more luxurious materials with their inevitably higher weights does not always make sense. Thanks to the sophisticated machinery in use at Dr Haubitz, we are able to produce even the finest surface finishes on plastic that appeal to the eye and provide a pleasing tactile effect. The resulting fine diamond-shaped texture, only a few millimetres high, only hints at the expertise in plastic injection moulding that lies behind the process.

Almost invisible, clearly audible

Depending on the viewing angle, it is possible to detect two circular reflections of light. Behind this, there are loudspeakers for bass and tweeter frequencies.

Technical specifications

Reinforced polyamides  
Length: 590 mm
Width: 300 mm
Height: 130 mm
Cover 525 g