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Systemkomponenten für die Automobilindustrie

Incorporate uncompromising safety in your interior design – we can accommodate you.

As you would expect, we adapt the design of our top tether and ISOFIX covers to match the interior architecture of your vehicle models – this is flexibility our customers have come to expect of us. One area where we are absolutely uncompromising is in adherence to all applicable safety standards.
Depending on the vehicle model, trim level and position of the systems, the covers may be made in different ways, individually constructed:

  • Cover with living hinge
  • Cover made with the 2-component technique
  • Multipart system with a detachable cover
  • Textured, lacquered or leather surface finish

A symbol can be made to stand out using pad printing, for example.

More safety: supplement to the ISOFIX attachment system

The ISOFIX attachment system is standardised under ISO 13216 and creates a rigid connection between the bodywork and the child's seat. The top tether creates additional safety because the seat can then no longer rotate about the linkage.

Technical specifications

Length: 95 mm
Width: 65 mm
Height: 40 mm
Trim: 26 g
Surface finish  
Plastic textured in various model shades  
Production process:  
2-component injection moulding, symbols overprinted using coloured pad-printing technique