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Honeycomb inserts

Honeycomb inserts are incorporated in the oil sump base in the vehicle and are usually made of reinforced polyamide. They prevent the oil moving around the sump in an uncontrolled manner on poorly made up roads or in the case of more dynamic driving styles. Honeycomb inserts reduce noise from engine oil sumps and boost the performance of the engine.

These components are usually fastened with screws. The bushes that are designed for the required torque can bei either injected into the part during production or pressed in subsequently.

If the part submission warrant requires residual dirt analysis this is conducted and verified in our in-house cleanroom laboratory. This facility is also used, understandably, for continuous in-process inspection and testing.

Further details of the production of honeycomb inserts can be found here.

Technical specifications

Reinforced polyamide  
Length: 590 mm
Width: 300 mm
Height: 130 mm
Total 525 g
Surface finish for plastic components  
Production process  
Injection moulding
(Bushes injection moulded)