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Systemkomponenten für die Automobilindustrie

Flexible pass-throughs, safe journeys.

Rear-seat pass-throughs are integrated in the vehicle's rear seat-back and allow longer objects to be transported without folding down the seat backs.

The surface finish is individually designed to match the neighbouring components & materials, both in the vehicle interior and in the boot.

Throughout the development process, particular emphasis is placed on vehicle safety – alongside assembly-firendly design of the full system. Where a ski bag is fully laden with 4 skis, an accident can unleash considerable forces and these must not be allowed to jeopardise vehicle occupants.


  • Crash safe even when fully laden
  • Different functionality in a single system, e.g. pass-through, stowage compartment (net module), ski bag

Ski bags

  • Modular configuration
  • Easy to fold up thanks to patented folding system
  • Compact ski bag module with an overall height of only 4 cm

If you need more details of the rear-seat pass-throughs, you can download the report here: "Pass-throughs in vehicle production".

Technical specifications

Length: 320 mm
Width: 220 mm
Height: 140 mm
Total 770 g
Surface finish pass-through  
Various surface finishes, e.g. leather, flock or plastic, textured  
To customer order  
Production process  
Laminated, various assembly steps, plastic injection mouldings