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Air ducts and manifolds – independent controlled climates in cars

Air ducts and manifolds are at the heart of a fully functioning climate control system in a vehicle, and their importance should not be underestimated. After all, it is a matter of wellbeing and comfort for the driver and passengers. Our air ducts and our single-part or two-part air manifolds, in conjunction with heat sensors, ensure consistent temperatures.

Individual climate control

Air ducts and manifolds enable 3-way and 3-zone automatic climate control for maximum comfort in a vehicle interior, and the air supply can be regulated separately for each zone in the car. In this way, the temperature can be set separately for the driver, front passenger and those sitting on the rear seats. Automatically controlled regulating flaps switch between the supply of warm air provided by the engine and the flow of cooler air from the air conditioning. The air manifolds distribute the different air flows depending on the settings and feed them to the outlets in the footwells.

Sophisticated technology

The regulator flaps in the air manifolds are digitally controlled. We develop the programs for controlling the actuator step motors in-house. End-of-line inspections are conducted by our own skilled professionals. This enables us to guarantee the functions long-term and at a rate of 100%. We have also solved the issue of flap leaks.

In contrast to those from some other manufacturers, our air manifolds close completely, which prevents annoying air leaks in the vehicle. This is a key factor in ensuring consistent temperature control. Here, too, we do our utmost to make the best possible use of confined spaces and save weight wherever possible. However, when designing air ducts and manifolds, we plan the openings to be applicable to all current and envisaged future applications and their components.

We will be pleased to inform you about how you can optimise your projects by incorporating our future-orientated products.

Technical specifications

Length: 368 mm
Width: 298 mm
Height: 55 mm
Air manifold 425 g
Surface finish  
Line polished