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No more air congestion on the autobahn

There is a tendency to deposit our smart phone somewhere in the passenger compartment before starting a car journey and after pairing it with the vehicle's on-board system. However, with conventional mats, this often results in two annoying phenomena: on the one hand, the phone slides around in the interior even when we drive moderately smoothly and, on the other hand, air congestion can quickly develop under the phone, which inevitably leads to an increase increased in heat. These were the two situations that formed the basis of the task addressed to Dr Haubitz.

Avoiding excessive heat

To prevent heat building up, air must be able to circulate. This meant that it was necessary to design in a large number of holes. The biggest challenge was to produce these filigree holes in harmony with the thermoplastic.

Preventing uncontrolled sliding around of the smart phone

The decisive factor was the choice of material. The nature of the friction between the rubber and a hard surface is of great importance for technical applications. This is why a thermoplastic elastomer proved to be the best candidate..

Technical specifications

TPE thermo-plastic elastomer compound  
Lengths: 163 / 176 mm
Widths: 90 / 143 mm
Mat 1 18 g
Mat 2 31 g