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From port to starboard – from weight-optimised to space-optimised

Whether they are located in the engine compartment, vehicle interior or boot, electronic control units (ECUs) are an essential component in today's cars and found everywhere. The number of ECUs is increasing steadily. One reason for this is that electronic devices are becoming ever more powerful. One hundred ECUs per vehicle is quite normal today.

Our task is to mount the ECUs safely, securely, in an assembly-friendly and space-saving way in the vehicle.

In the past, mounts for ECUs were metal or sheet metal brackets. Today, it is clips and locking lugs on the components themselves that are made of high-performance plastics. Decisive advantages compared with steel sheet are weight and cost savings.

When we design moulds, we have to take into account the fact that parts have to be warp-free and conform very closely to the required dimensions.

Technical specifications

modif. PAGF  
Length: 315 mm
Width: 230 mm
Height: 100 mm
Total 209 g
Surface finish for plastic part  
To customer order  
Production process  
Injection moulding with inserts