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Pillar trim parts for A- and B-pillars are decisive integral components in the interior architecture of the vehicle. In designing them, we follow your specifications in terms of the joins and gaps.
As you would expect, our pillar trim parts comply with all the technical and safety requirements, for example:

  • Belt guides
  • Scuff protection
  • Impact requirements
  • Airbag integration

Lower A-pillar:

The lower A-pillar trim forms the link between the vehicle floor and the instrument panel fascia. Alternatively, the A-pillar trim can be blended with the front door sill panels. (Single-part principle)

Lower B-pillar:

The lower B-pillar trim forms the link between the vehicle floor and the upper B-pillar. The size of a B-pillar will vary depending on the design and model.

Technical specifications

Length:: 750 mm
Width: 100 mm
Height: 350 mm
A-pillar trim 340 g
Surface finish  
Leather grain (dual gloss)  
Individual colour shades possible