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Mobile phone docks – communication within reach

Mobile phone docks solve the problems associated with using mobile phones and smart phones in vehicles. Of particular importance at the moment is the more strict application of legal requirements regarding their use when driving. The risks to all road users resulting from a driver's being distracted have increased constantly in recent years. The German legislature is attempting to reduce these accident risks by encouraging ever more stringent punishment. A further need that is met by using mobile phone docks is the steadily increasing number of ways in which the smart phone and the vehicle can be made to communicate with each other.

Convenient and safe

Mobile phone docks provide all the features required for interlinking at all levels. Besides the interfaces for additional entertainment media that are now ubiquitous, such as USB, communication between the vehicle and smart phone takes place today through Bluetooth radio frequencies. Another very convenient function is wireless charging. This involves charging the mobile device without a direct cable connection by means of an inductive field, which means there is no physical connection between them. This neatly avoids the problem of wear and tear.

Mobile phone docks also enable smart phones to be stored safely. They are designed to be as versatile as possible to so they can be used for all models. Devices that are not secured and tend to slide around or are even thrown around the passenger space as a car traverses a corner or brakes are now a thing of the past.

Harmoniously blended in

Our mobile phone docks are developed individually for every vehicle type and model. Our engineers tailor them to meet the technical requirements but also the specified appearance of the vehicle. In this way, we always achieve attractively shaped, functional and space-saving solutions.

We will be pleased to provide more information about individual mobile phone docks and answer any questions you may have.

Technical specifications

Length: 146 mm
Width: 141 mm
Height: 95 mm
Mobile phone dock 109 g
Surface finish for plastic components  
Flocked / textured