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Decarbonisation: Dr Haubitz – "Following the Green Path"

This seal underlines our activities aimed at protecting our environment

We attach great importance to environmental protection in all our processes and corporate divisions. Our production section focuses on resource-saving methods and we have been able to reduce waste and emissions to a minimum. As the projects described below show, we rely entirely on the use of renewable forms of energy.

We are following a green path and are using this seal to emphasise our commitment – come with Dr Haubitz down the road to a sustainable future


Sustainable action at Dr Haubitz is expressed in several specific projects. Allow us to present three of them here.

The generation of renewable forms of energy is an important aspect of environmental protection. We have fitted a photovoltaic system on a considerable part of our factory roof to enable us to run our production using renewable energy.

We have extended our photovoltaic system and installed additional solar panels on another part of the roof. In this way, we can increase our contribution to environmental protection and return even more electricity than before to the public grid.

We use 100% green electricity for our production and our offices. This means that the power supply to our building complex has been completely converted to green energy.