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Systemkomponenten für die Automobilindustrie

So light. So far. So good. Better range through intelligent components in e-mobility.

The automotive industry and its suppliers are undergoing massive changes. The demand for ever greater mileages for electric vehicles requires new, intelligent solutions.

One approach is to use smart materials, such as composite materials incorporating carbon and fibreglass. They offer advantages that are ideal in the context of e-mobility: they reduce weight and their rigidity simultaneously contributes to increased safety in the vehicle.

Strict design requirements

Great weight savings are achieved during the design phase. In doing so, we always attach great importance to the economical use of the available installation space. Thanks to our in-house design office, we are able to coordinate every optimisation step with you quickly and efficiently.

We will be pleased to inform you about how you can optimise your projects by incorporating our future-orientated products.