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Over 2000 filigree reasons why your eye is tuned in to every single guitar chord.

The multipart module, consisting of a carrier, a partially textured cover and a number of fitting and retaining elements, weighs only 95 g without the speaker. One of the reasons for the low weight is the finely differentiated grid layout of the product which comprises over 2000 individual rhomboid structures on each side. This meant that our tool shop had to create moulds for the injection moulding process that had over 4000 of these rhombuses. This was a serious challenge for both our staff and the machines, but it resulted in a most pleasing effect on both the ears and the eyes.

Individually configurable

The appearance can be modified to meet the needs and preferences of the customer. In the current model, a metal emblem with diamond-ground lttering was applied.

Technical specifications

Length: 200 mm
Width: 100 mm
Height: 40 mm
Without tweeter 95 g
Surface finish of carrier  
partially textured  
individually configurable