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Add-on components for the instrument panel fascia – functional, for hands and feet

Add-on parts for the instrument panel fascia carry and conceal those instrument panel components that are either frequently used or less frequently needed, such as fuse boxes, diagnostics connectors, speakers and release levers for the bonnet. We can provide bespoke solutions specially designed to meet your requirements for everything relating to the instrument panel fascias in vehicles that needs attaching or covering.

Covers with that extra style ingredient

The instrument panel is constantly in the end customer's line of sight while driving. Since the design of the covers plays a key role in determining how the quality of the vehicle is perceived, we will always develop and produce your covers exclusively to your own specifications. Depending on the vehicle model, trim level and position of the systems, they may be made in different ways. For example, we make covers with living hinges or made using 2-component techniques or multipart systems with a detachable lid. When it comes to the surface finish, a range of options are possible, such as textured, hot-stamped, flocked, lacquered or leather-covered. Using pad printing, it is also possible to overprint symbols.

Our know-how for safety, comfort & convenience

Add-on parts for the instrument panel fascia are decisive items as part of the design of the vehicle interior, for example the pillar trim for the A- and B-pillars. In designing them, we follow your specifications closely in terms of the joins and gaps. Besides appearance and convenience, such issues as safety, integrated belt guides, scuff protection and airbags and the consistent compliance with impact protection requirements and safety standards that govern our activities. Of course, When we address the individual design of your add-on parts and covers, your specified vehicle model is the starting point. Depending on the vehicle model, trim level and position of the on-board systems, we will adapt our solutions uncompromisingly to match your interior architecture concept. You benefit from our experience and flexibility.

Technical specifications

Length: 531 mm
Width: 450 mm
Height: 215 mm
Footwell trim panel 705 g
Surface finish  
Line polished