Wednesday, 14. March 2018

Dr. Haubitz supports the "Aktion Mensch" inclusion campaign

For over half a century, "Aktion Mensch" has been campaigning for a society in which differences are accepted as normal. The charity supports around 1000 social projects every month in Germany. Since its founding, "Aktion Mensch" has been able in this way to achieve many of its aims. The social projects are involved daily in applying measures to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, children and young people. The fundamental principle is that people should be able to live together easily whether they have disabilities or not.

We find the idea that simply buying a lottery ticket and making a contribution to society can make a real difference an excellent starting point and want to be involved in the campaign. To make a contribution, we bought and distributed one "Aktion Mensch" lottery ticket for each member of our staff. We are pleased to have been able to make a contribution in this way to this worthy cause.

Further details about "Aktion Mensch" are available (in German) here: