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Sustainability and climate protection

Sustainability and climate protection

As a company with energy-intensive production processes, we are committed to making a major contribution to our preservation of the environment. A further milestone has now been reached in reducing CO2 emissions. Our new...

Work during the Corona pandemic

Work during the Corona pandemic

In order to ensure the safety of all employees and to maintain the ability to supply our customers, the company introduced appropriate protective measures at a very early stage. The spectrum ranges from compliance with hygiene...


New production process in the field of welding technology

After a range of different welding systems, we have now extended our tried-and-tested joining process to include the HGW process. HGW – hot gas welding The welding seam of the components is plasticized by hot inert gas and...


Thermal embedding of inserts

We have developed an additional technology to series production standard with which metallic inserts can be embedded in thermoplastic components subsequently to their manufacture. Heat is applied to the insert by contact and thus...


Dr. Haubitz supports the "Aktion Mensch" inclusion campaign

For over half a century, "Aktion Mensch" has been campaigning for a society in which differences are accepted as normal. The charity supports around 1000 social projects every month in Germany. Since its founding,...


Extension of our measuring equipment – 3D scanner

Alongside our tactile measuring techniques, we have now introduced optical measurements to augment our capacities. By using optical, parametric inspections, all the activities and analytical steps can be documented...


Dr. Haubitz website now also available in English

Since its founding in 1956, Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co. KG has developed into a leading enterprise in the automotive industry with international long-term customers. We currently employ 220 staff at a number of locations.We have...


New trained specialists thanks to retraining programme

The lack of available trained specialists is currently a considerable problem for many companies. In the next few years, the town of Solingen, where we are based, expects approx. 8000 specialists to reach retirement age. This is...


3D printing technology at work for Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co. KG

Just in time for the new development project, we got our new FDM printer on line. This will allow us, in the short term, to manufacture components with maximum dimensions of 406 x 355 x 406 mm. An additional advantage is that...


The 24th International Flock Symposium

This year, the 24th International Flock Symposium met in Stuttgart and one of the specialist addresses was by Dr. Haubitz GmbH & Co. KG.

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